Promise Jeans Wholesale

Promise Jeans was founded and started in 1990 and has Lots of items for you to choose from. We have a wide selection of Shorts , Pants , Jackets , Jeans ,Shirts , Denims , Khakis and plenty more .

Here at Promise Jeans , we know what you need to succeed when it comes to clothes.

We work with your company to get the best pieces at the best prices possible, ensuring that you don’t overpay to get the looks your shoppers want .

Most of our items are purchased and sold in bundles of 12 in order to keep costs down. Now we have exciting news for buyers looking to simply test out more products. Recently, Promise Jeans has added smaller bundles to our purchase options, giving our buyers the ability to buy our pieces in groups of 6 instead of 12 , while still reflecting a discount price. We have one of the largest selections of Apparel for store-owners and the internet.

We also want to make sure we’re giving our loyal shoppers the variety of clothing and accessories they’re looking for to satisfy their customers. Here at Promise Jeans , we carry styles for all seasons and occasions, in addition to tons of variety wear. We are proud to carry all kinds of apparel , to help your shoppers complete their fashion-forward looks.

There is Plenty of room to make Money with our products .